Sri Chinmoy and Albany’s Mayor, the Hon. Thomas M. Whalen III, at the dedication of the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile on the occasion of the state capital’s Tricentennial, in Albany, New York.



Sri Chinmoy pays tribute to Ms. Alina Bloomgarden, Director of Visitor Services at Lincoln Center, who introduced him at his Peace Concert.

Excerpt from welcoming remarks given at the Peace Concert by Ms. Alina Bloomgarden:

This evening’s Peace Concert is a very special one for Lincoln Center and will be remembered as a most precious occasion. Tonight the innermost wish for peace that we all share is certain to he united by the music and the heart of this man. So it is with pleasure and gratitude that I welcome all of you this evening as Sri Chinmoy graces Lincoln Center and all of us with his spiritual music and meditation.

Published in My Prayerful Salutations to the United Nations.