Turiyer Nandana Ranjana


Turiyer nandana
Ranjana ranjana
Paramere sada dako
Paramere buke rakho


Sri Chinmoy singing at his home mid-October 1999

Published in One Thousand Lotus Petals, part 1


Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy offers a Peace Concert, the final in a series of 50 concerts dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, in the Kaplan Penthouse at the Lincoln Center, New York.


Peace Concert dedication by Sri Chinmoy:

Today we are completing our fifty Peace Concerts which we have dedicated to the all-illumining soul, all-aspiring heart and all-serving life of the United Nations.

O soul of the United Nations, to you I bow. O heart of the United Nations, to you I bow. O life of the United Nations, to you I bow. O Lord Beloved Supreme, to You I bow and bow and bow for giving me and my students who are working at the United Nations the golden opportunity to serve the United Nations for the last twenty-five years. At the end of our journey’s close, today, O Lord Supreme, we are offering You gratitude and gratitude and gratitude from the inmost recesses of our heart.

Published in My Prayerful Salutations to the United Nations.