‘Dreamer of a Peace-Filled World’ Award


Sri Chinmoy received the ‘Dreamer of a Peace-Filled World’ Award from Dr. Doris Ching, Vice-President of Student Affairs, the University of Hawaii. His lecture is introduced by Dr. Majid Tehranian, Professor of International Communication and Director of the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research at the University. Sri Chinmoy also offers Peace Concert.


Award Presentation and Closing Remarks

The award is mounted on a traditional gourd or ‘Ipu’. The text of the plaque is as follows:

Sri Chinmoy
Dreamer of a Peace-Filled World
ka mea moemoe i ao lkahi
Presented December 7, 1998
University of Hawai’i

Dr. Majid Tehranian: December 7th, as we all know, was the day that the war in the Pacific was started here in Pearl Harbor. It is extraordinarily fitting that on such an anniversary we should be presenting this plaque, this symbol of peace, everlasting peace, for the New Millennium to a man who is a dreamer of a peace-filled world: Sri Chinmoy.

Let me add at the conclusion of this beautiful ceremony, that we all need to be thankful for the Heavenly music that we have just heard and the beautiful faces that we have seen. Let me also remind you that this need not be a one-day affair. The celebration of the spirit of peace must fill every moment of our lives.

Published in A Peace-Collecting Pilgrim-Soul



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