Sri Chinmoy offers the U Thant Peace Award to Jorge Illueca, President of the UN General Assembly, Foreign Minister and Vice-President of Panama (1983), in Jamaica, Queens, New York.


“It is our duty as individuals who have higher aspirations to lead the way by achieving a spiritual awareness. We are blessed with the splendid example of Sri Chinmoy. His life is a symbol of holiness. He is an ambassador of peace whom every people can claim as their own. His very presence brings to us in the United Nations new possibilities, new ideas and new hopes.” — Jorge E. Illueca, President of the Thirty-eighth Session of the United Nations General Assembly and President of Panama


Sri Chinmoy receives a congratulatory letter from former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.


I am proud of the contributions you have made in revealing the inner joy and peace of a true and lasting world. — Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States