LAKE PLACID, N.Y. — The National Fine Arts Committee of the 13th Winter Olympic Games presented Sri Chinmoy with an award Dec. 3 for his “contribution to our efforts to recognize the whole man during the XIII Olympic Winter Games.”

The award, presented by National Fine Arts Committee Chairman Carolyn Hopkins, cited the Master as one who “himself embodies the whole man through his outstanding work as a painter, writer, composer, musician and athlete.”

At the same ceremony, Brian Gormley of the Lake Placid School of Art awarded the Master a certificate “in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the arts.”

It was Gormley who had invited the Master to Lake Placid to deliver a lecture on the concept of the whole man, the theme being emphasized by the Fine Arts Committee for the 1980 Olympics.

The talk and awards presentations were held in the Lake Placid School of Art, where a two-week exhibit of Sri Chinmoy’s paintings was being held.

Published in Anahata Nada, December 1978, Volume 5, Number 11-12