One of the large Jharna-Kalas on display at Annam Brahma


Sri Chinmoy paints two large Jharna-Kala artworks, each measuring approximately 5 by 8 feet, in 13 minutes — one in 6 minutes and the other in 7 minutes — on the front porch of his home in Jamaica, New York, USA. He then entrusts them to Annam Brahma for safekeeping. Over the years, they have been exhibited in various galleries. The paintings continue to be on permanent display at Annam Brahma restaurant in Jamaica, New York.



A poster advertising Sri Chinmoy’s Jharna-Kala exhibition — 17 November through 3 December — at the Center for Music, Drama and Art, Lake Placid, New York, during the XIII Olympic Winter Games. Closing address by Sri Chinmoy on 3 December at 12 noon. The topic of the address: The Whole Man.


Sri Chinmoy completes 400,000 Soul-Bird drawings since he began on December 29, 1991.