On This Day



January 1st, 2011, saw the launch of a special feature on the front page of Sri Chinmoy Reflections — On This Day — a day by day account of Sri Chinmoy’s achievements. The accompanying pages expand the theme further by linking specific dates and events to video, audio and literary resources from this and many other related web sites, enabling the reader to explore, in a systematic way, the vast catalogue of information about Sri Chinmoy’s life.


  •  JANUARY        
    Playing esraj in concert
    in Bermuda
    Meeting President Premadasa in Sri Lanka At Victoria Falls, a
    Sri Chinmoy Peace Falls
    Running 100 metres at
    Masters Games in Fiji
  •  JANUARY        
    Playing esraj at the
    Great Wall of China
    Playing his golden flute
    in Japan
    An Honorary Doctorate
    in the Philippines
    Sri Chinmoy Peace Airport in the Canary Islands
  •  JANUARY        
    Playing ‘Chinmoy Beena’
    in Cairns, Australia
    Meeting with President Nelson Mandela Meeting with champion boxer Muhammad Ali  Lifting over 7,000 lbs.
    with one arm
  •  FEBRUARY        
    Running a marathon 
    in New Hampshire, USA
    Meeting with
    Yehudi Menuhin
    Playing the organ
    in Nürnberg
    Lifting 650 lbs.
    with each arm
  •  FEBRUARY        
    Lifting an elephant
    in Thailand
    Giving his first public
    piano performance
    Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile
    near the Berlin Wall
    With UN Secretary-General U Thant
  •  MARCH        
    Meditating at the US Congress in Washington Planting a Peace Tree
    in Kamakura, Japan
    Playing Western flute
    in Melbourne
    With Pope Paul VI
    at the Vatican
  •  MARCH        
    Meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu Second public musical recital in New York First one million Soul-Birds exhibit in Ottawa Playing the harp
    in concert in Zurich
  •  APRIL        
    At the completion of
    two million Soul-Birds
    A vertical standing jump onto a 30" platform 

    Meeting with Sufi leader
    Pir Vilayat Khan

    Interview on ‘Newsline’
    in Westchester
  •  APRIL        
    Lifting own body weight
    150 times
    Opening the 2006
    World Harmony Run
    Having just lifted
    a hot air balloon
    Niagara Falls, a
    Sri Chinmoy Peace Falls
  •  APRIL        
    Named ‘Messenger
    of the Millennium’
    Holding the Peace Torch
    with Paula Radcliffe
    Competing in the annual
    12-hour walk
    With UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
  •  MAY        
    Meeting with conductor
    Zubin Mehta
    At Jharna-Kala gallery
    with Raisa Gorbacheva
    Display of painting
    dedicated to the UN
    Peace Concert
    in Mongolia
  •  MAY        
    With Precess Diana at
    Kensington Palace
    Opening of the
    New York Games
    Peace Concert at the
    United Nations
    Playing balalaika in
    Davos, Switzerland
  •  MAY        
    Peace Concert at the
    Royal Albert Hall
    First meeting with
    President Gorbachev
    Holding the Peace Torch
    with Pope John Paul
    Lifting the worl'd's
    smallest horse
  •  JUNE        
    First long-distance run
    in San Francisco
    A 50-metre race
    in Califormnia
    Playing esraj in concert
    at Woodstock, NY
    Holding the Peace Torch
    with Juan Samaranch
  •  JUNE        
    A meeting with
    Mother Teresa
    Holding the Peace Torch
    with Kurt Waldheim
    Meeting with Indian President Moraji Desai With Irish President
    Eamon de Valera
  •  JUNE        
    In concert at
    Bonn, Germany
    First meeting with
    President Mandela
    Playing piano
    in Paris, France
    Playing organ
    in London, UK
  •  JUNE        
    Concert, playing golden flute, in Canberra Playing harpsichord
    in Cambridge, UK
    Peace Concert
    in Melbourne
    Lifting the worl'd's
    tallest horse
  •  JULY        
    With Erskine Childers,
    President of Ireland
    Meditating at
    Thousand Island Park
    Peace Concert
    in Sydney
    Parliament of World’s
    Religions, Barcelona
  •  JULY        
    With New Zealand PM
    David Lange
    Peace Concert
    at Mt. Fuji, Japan
    Peace Concert
    at Kamakura, Japan
    UN Silver Medallion
    from Kurt Waldheim
  •  JULY        
    Meeting with
    President Gorbachev
    Peace Concert at the
    Jefferson Memorial
    National Day of Prayer
    at the United Nations
    TV interview with 
    Joe Franklin
  •  AUGUST        
    Jharna-Kala exhibit at
    Newark Airport
    U Thant Peace Award to
    Hinduism Today founder
    Birthday parade up
    Madison Ave., New York
    Sri Chinmoy Day
    in New York City
  •  AUGUST        
    Finishing the
    47 Mile Race
    Painting 50 special
    Jharna-Kalas for the UN
    Playing 74 pianos
    at Peace Concert
    Composing and singing 
    70 new Bengali songs
  •  SEPTEMBER        
    Playing tennis with
    Monica Seles
    Playing the organ at
    Riverside Church, NY 
    Painting a 13' x 25'
    Jharna-Kala canvas
    Meeting with Maestro 
    Leonard Bernstein
  •  SEPTEMBER        
    With Rob de Castella
    at Deeks Drive
    After lifting two
    Sumo wrestlers
    Peace Concert
    in Hamburg
    Meditating with
    Muhammad Ali
  •  OCTOBER        
    With Mother Teresa
    holding the Peace Torch
    Peace Concert
    in Budapest
    Meeting with
    Pablo Casals
    U Thant Island
    near the United Nations

  •  OCTOBER        
    Peace Concert at
    Royal Albert Hall
    Performing a
    203-pound wrist curl
    Meeting with
    Coretta Scott King
    Meditating with the
    President of India
  •  NOVEMBER        
    Lifting six firemen
    in New York
    Meeting with
    Jesse Owens
    Double dumbbell lift
    of 740 lbs.
    Passing the relay baton
    to Carl Lewis
  •  NOVEMBER        
    President Bill Clinton
    First artwork created
    in the West – a rose
    16,031 paintings
    in 24 hours
    Meditating at the 7th
    World Veterans Games
  •  DECEMBER        
    Peace Concert
    in Melbourne
    Lifting own bodyweight
    on TV in Australia
    Peace Concert
    in Hawaii
    Playing piano
    at Carnegie Hall
  •  DECEMBER        
    Presenting 300 books to
    New York Mayor Beame
    Meeting with the
    President of Mexico
    Peace Concert
    in Kathmandu
    Flying in a Sri Chinmoy Peace Plane in Malta

Many years ago at Aspiration-Ground there was a large blackboard that displayed the scores of tennis matches Sri Chinmoy had played. Each morning, before Sri Chinmoy arrived at the court, the board would be cleaned and the date of the new day would be written in chalk at the top. Then, in yearly order, a list of different activities Sri Chinmoy had accomplished, or had participated in, would follow. Every day a new list would appear, and very rarely would there be a day without something to report.

Just before starting play of his usual round of morning tennis, Sri Chinmoy could be seen walking slowly across towards the blackboard to carefully study the list, and many times he would comment on what had been written. No doubt it brought back many fond memories for him.

Since his arrival in the West in 1964, many disparate lists have been compiled – running times and athletic highlights; poems written and songs composed; concerts performed and lectures delivered; weights hoisted and people lifted; paintings completed and drawings sketched; meditations, meetings, peace initiatives and prayers – viewed altogether, they represent an impressive chronology of achievement that reads more like the combined biographies of several highly talented people rather than one individual.

It is by the dedicated efforts of many who have meticulously recorded these events, which form the narrative of Sri Chinmoy’s remarkable life, that we are able to look back across the decades to take in this grand overview. We are grateful to all those who have collected and preserved this information over the years.

It is hoped that this section will, in some small way, carry on this inspirational tradition.

— Animesh Harrington



The information in the following pages has been compiled from many sources – Sri Chinmoy Library, Sri Chinmoy SongsSri Chinmoy TV and Radio Sri Chinmoy; Sri Chinmoy Centre newsletters, magazines, periodicals1; and informational booklets2; newspaper and magazine articles, radio and TV interviews; yearly calendars and index cards; as well as analog and digital recordings.



1 AUM (monthly magazine)
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Meditation at the United Nations (monthly bulletin)
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