The latest academic work on Sri Chinmoy – from Iceland

    Poetry-Heart and Prose-Mind by Suren Torfi Leósson, presented for his B.A. Essay at the University of Iceland in September 2017, joins the growing list of scholarly studies about Sri Chinmoy.

    In the 20th century, Sri Chinmoy toured universities around the world and gave lectures, which were later published, about such lofty subjects as “Immortality”, “God and Myself” and “Is Death the End?”

    Poetry-heart and prose-mind takes a close look at two of these lectures and discovers that, while there is a definite logical prose structure to them, there is a poetic structure at work as well… Read more…

  • Quotations from the Writings of Sri Chinmoy

    Visitors often comment on Sri Chinmoy’s inspiring short poems, aphorisms and prayers that are displayed each day on the front page of Sri Chinmoy Reflections. Now, there is an entire section dedicated to his most quotable quotes.


    The heart that gives
    Receives everything
    In return.

    When the mind does not speak,
    Its unspoken words
    Are extremely powerful.

    May the flames of peace-torch
    Kindle and awaken
    Each and every world-citizen.

    Divided into categories for easy access, this new section begins, quite naturally, with quotations on the ‘Heart’, followed by the ‘Mind’ and ‘Peace’, with many more to come. Read on…


    Sri Chinmoy on the nature and goals of contemplative practice

    The International Journal of Dharma Studies has published a fascinating new article about Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy by American academic Kusumita P. Pedersen.

    Dr. Pedersen: “Sri Chinmoy (1931–2007) has written extensively on the concrete details of contemplative practice as well as its purpose in the wider context of yoga as a system of spiritual disciplines leading to God-realization. The paper summarizes his teachings with an emphasis on how contemplative practice is done and how it works in attaining its goals. Sri Chinmoy distinguishes between concentration, meditation and contemplation…”

    Her paper also touches on, “the relation between meditation and action and the further goal, beyond God-realization, of ‘God-manifestation’ or integral transformation of the individual, human society and the evolving cosmos.” Read more...


    Latest eBook by Sri Chinmoy

    The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and most other ebook distributors.

    This fascinating selection of Sri Chimnoy's writings provides a clear understanding of the author's philosophy and teachings.

    The book goes through the A-Z of spirituality chapter by chapter — 71 chapters in all — beginning with Aspiration and ending with Yoga.


    New eBooks by Sri Chinmoy

    Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants now available from Amazon in 10-book collection volumes of 1,000 poems each.

    Also, Beyond Within, Commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga and the Spiritual Life are now on iTunes.

    More ebooks are planned to be added to iTunes, including both Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants and Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees.



    “On the eve of the New Year, a new consciousness dawns on earth. God once again inspires each human being, each creature, with new hope, new light, new peace and new joy.” — Sri Chinmoy

    During his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy’s annual New Year’s Message became a tradition. Usually offered in conjunction with a public meditation or concert in the month of December, Sri Chinmoy would recite a special message for the coming New Year.

    Here, for the first time, is the entire collection of New Year's Messages from 1966 to 2007, together with Sri Chinmoy’s own comments, photographs from the public meditations, and songs composed. Read more...


    Selected Drawings by Sri Chinmoy

    Throughout the many years of his artistic activities, Sri Chinmoy created millions of line and brush drawings. In particular, his Dream-Freedom Peace-Birds series delighted viewers worldwide. These drawings, often executed within seconds and with just a few masterly strokes, capture the spontaneous freedom of movement, delicacy of form and breath-taking beauty of these heavenly soul-birds.

    For the first time, a selection of more than 600 of Sri Chinmoy’s drawings, including some very early sketches from the 1970s, have been compiled into an hour-long slideshow created by Swiss videographer Kedar Misani, featuring music by Russian group Silence and Sound, who perform a medley of Sri Chinmoy’s songs.  View the video…


    Sri Chinmoy’s 30th Weightlifting Anniversary 1985-2015

    Great feats of strength are often mythologised. The heroic exploits of the Greek gods still inspire us, so much so that we often look upon modern-day bodybuilders and weightlifters as incarnations of Atlas or Hercules.

    But people like Bill Pearl, five-time Mr. Universe and Best-Built man of the 20th Century; Hugo Girard, four-time World Muscle Power Champion; and Jim Smith, British Registrar of Records British Amateur Weightlifters’ Association, are not prone to exaggeration. They know the years of dedicated training and hard work required to lift massive weights.

    In this commemorative video slideshow, these men and many others from around the globe offer their candid assessments of Sri Chinmoy’s extraordinary achievements, confirming his place among the immortals of the weightlifting world.  View the video…


    THE THIRD EYE – Original Video Recording
    by Sri Chinmoy

    In 1976, the Scottish playwright, poet and musician Nityananda Tom McGrath invited Sri Chinmoy to give a talk at the Third Eye Centre in Glasgow. Fittingly, Sri Chinmoy chose to speak about the third eye (one of the most important chakras in the subtle body). In his talk, Sri Chinmoy reveals the capacities of the third eye as well as offering cautionary advice to seekers who want to make the fastest progress in their life of aspiration.

    “When the third eye is opened in accordance with God’s Will, no matter what the seeker did in the past, no matter what is going to happen today or tomorrow, no matter what will take place in the distant future, the seeker will not be affected, for God’s Will will illumine him, perfect him, liberate him and immortalise him.” — Sri Chinmoy    View the original video recording along with transcription.

  •  JANUARY 30TH 1987


    On January 30, 1987, Sri Chinmoy lifted a weight of 7,063¾ pounds using only his right arm. It was an achievement that challenged the limits of human possibility and it shook the world of weightlifting.

    Sri Chinmoy was not a professional weightlifter, and he was certainly not built for the task. At 5 feet 8 inches high and weighing only 162½ pounds, he was far from the imposing muscle-bound figure one would expect. And given his age of 55 years, he was a most unlikely person to be attempting to lift such massive weights. He was, however, a great spiritual master, a man of adamantine will who had absolute reliance upon God’s Grace.


    “If I ask my mind whether I can lift 7,000 pounds, immediately it will say, ‘Impossible!’ … But when I am in the heart, with the heart and for the heart, there is no such thing as impossibility because of the heart’s oneness.”   — Sri Chinmoy                                     (Excerpt from a 1993 press conference.) Read more...


    Sri Chinmoy’s lift of 7,063¾ pounds was not an easily won victory. Over a 19-month period, from June 26, 1985, when he first began serious weightlifting, Sri Chinmoy trained daily, performing multiple sessions of intensive strength-building exercises, enabling him to progressively lift heavier and heavier weights.



    As each goal was reached, his determination increased. One lift, in particular, illustrates Sri Chinmoy’s never-give-up philosophy — it took him 212 attempts before he finally succeeded in lifting a 303¼-pound dumbbell.

    Sri Chinmoy’s progress was nothing short of exponential. It was 17 gruelling months before he finally lifted more than 1,000 pounds. Then 2½ weeks later on November 27, 1986, he broke the 2,000-pound barrier, and on January 20, 1987, a lift of over 3,000 pounds was achieved.

    Sri Chinmoy was the first spiritual master in history to directly challenge the inertia and inconscience of the material world through the discipline of weightlifting. His miracle lift of 7,063¾ pounds was, and will forever remain, a triumph of the spirit over matter.

    View the musical score of the song composed by Sri Chinmoy
    Read an article about the 7,063¾-pound lift, Worlds Where Matter And Spirit Meet
    Read an early, first-hand account of Sri Chinmoy’s Weightlifting Adventure

  • Transcription of a second Rare Notebook by Sri Chinmoy

    This undated notebook, written in Sri Chinmoy’s own hand, contains drafts for four university lectures throughout Switzerland and Sweden during the month of June in 1974. The notebook carries the mark ‘Made in Great Britain’, which indicates that Sri Chinmoy was composing lectures for the continental section of his European tour whilst still in the UK, only days before delivering them. The specific lectures to which these drafts relate were eventually published in part 4 of Sri Chinmoy’s My Rose Petals series. Read more...

  • Transcription of a Rare Notebook by Sri Chinmoy

    This undated notebook, written in Sri Chinmoy’s own hand, contains drafts for six university lectures throughout England and Scotland during the month of June in 1974. The notebook is significant in that it reveals something of the evolution of these lectures, the spontaneous flow of Sri Chinmoy’s thought and inspiration. The specific lectures to which these drafts relate were eventually published in part 3 of Sri Chinmoy’s My Rose Petals series. Read more...

  • Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s Arrival in the West with Six New eBooks

    To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West, Aum Publications has released six new eBooks and for a limited time they will be available at special prices on amazon.com, iTunes, nook, kobo and other popular sites.

    Beyond Within, an anthology of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophical writings; The Oneness of the Eastern Heart and the Western Mind, a compendium of more than 400 of Sri Chinmoy’s university lectures; The Silent Teaching, an ideal book for anyone who wants to try meditation for the first time; Selected Poems, a selection of Sri Chinmoy’s poetry spanning the years from his youth in India to his mature poems written in the West; My Daily Heart-Blossoms, a series of 365 spiritual illuminations—one for each day of the year; and Everest-Aspiration, a collection of 99 extemporaneous talks from 1977, will all be available online for just $2.99 US during the coming month of April.

    Everest-Aspiration will be FREE from Wed-Sun (April 23-27, 2014) Available soon…

  • Sri Chinmoy’s First Visit to Australia

    On February 28, 1976, Sri Chinmoy departed New York on an epic 10,000-mile journey across the globe. And after a series of gruelling flights across two continents and the vast Pacific Ocean he finally arrived in Perth, late in the evening on the first day of March, eager to begin his tour of Australia.

    During his ten-day stay, Sri Chinmoy visited the major cities of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide where he gave talks at universities, met with prominent Australians and recorded music for two LP albums. It was in Australia where he played the esraj for the first time on television and learned to play the Western flute. Read a day-by-day account of this historic tour…

  • Two Immortal Songs — Ami Jabo and Phire Chalo

    At his first recitals in America and later at his Peace Concerts around the world, Sri Chinmoy would sing the plaintive, traditional Bengali song Phire Chalo. He would have heard it countless times in India and it was a melody he loved. In 1932, this song became famous throughout the entire sub-continent when it was sung by the blind singer K. C. Dey in the film ‘Chandidasa’.

    Fifty years later, in 1982, Sri Chinmoy based his song Ami Jabo upon the original melody of Phire Chalo and, by adding his own poetic lyrics, gave it a new life. Both songs are India’s immortal gifts to the world. Read more, view videos and listen to the songs…


    OCTOBER 7, 1982
    First award presented
    to Zenon Rossides
    – United Nations
    NOVEMBER 5, 1967
    First newspaper article
    Daily News – New York
    NOVEMBER 19, 1974
    Sri Chinmoy created his
    first artwork in the West
    – Ottawa, Canada
    NOVEMBER 26, 1968
    Sri Chinmoy’s irst talk at the
    United Nations – New York



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