An Orphan Boy

by Sri Chinmoy

There was an orphan boy.
His name was Madal Chinmoy.
He hailed from a wee village, Shakpura.
He became his Family’s ananda fuara.

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A New Epic

On 23 January 1998, in Cancún, Mexico, Sri Chinmoy completed his poetic series Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants. The very next morning, he received an inner Command to undertake a new project. In these reflections, Sri Chinmoy describes the birth of this vast epic. Read more




“My Mother, No More!”

These are Sri Chinmoy’s original reminiscences of his mother’s passing, penned at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India when he was in his teenage years. They are written in the highly formal and now slightly antiquated style that was favoured by Sri Aurobindo and the glittering literati of the Ashram, among whom we can number Nolini Kanta Gupta, Dilip Kumar Roy, K.D. Sethna, Nishikanto, Nirodbaran, M.P. Pandit and others. Read more


Life Experiences


A Dream

by Sri Chinmoy

In the morning, I had a dream about my running. There were two runners: the human runner and the divine runner, my human runner and my divine runner. I was at once the human runner and the divine runner. These two runners had a race, a 100-metre dash. Read more



My First-Time Experiences

by Sri Chinmoy

Most of the stories in this section were told by Sri Chinmoy on 2 December 1991. He was very fond of narrating stories from his early days in the West and he had the unique gift of being able to re-enact each circumstance so that it was vividly impressed on our imagination. Frequently, his wonderful delivery and timing would cause the entire audience to burst into laughter. Read more




Collected Stories

by Sri Chinmoy

A collection of personal stories told by Sri Chinmoy to his students. They were recorded at various locations around the world. Read more


Informal Talks


Man Proposes, God Disposes

Man proposes, God disposes. This famous proverb can easily be applied to my family, specially when it comes to the subject of university degrees. Ours are such funny, funny stories. It all began with my eldest brother, Hriday. He was a great philosopher. Read more

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