Travels abroad


Sri Chinmoy’s First Visit to Australia

On February 28, 1976, Sri Chinmoy departed New York on an epic 10,000-mile journey across the globe. And after a series of gruelling flights across two continents and the vast Pacific Ocean he finally arrived in Perth, late in the evening on the first day of March, eager to begin his tour of Australia.

During his ten-day stay, Sri Chinmoy visited the major cities of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide where he gave talks at universities, met with prominent Australians and recorded music for two LP albums. It was in Australia where he played the esraj on television for the first time and learned to play the Western flute. Read a day-by-day account of this historic tour…



Sri Chinmoy in Japan: December 1985 – January 1986

by Animesh Harrington

In villages and in cities, on the coastal waters and inland mountains, life goes on – the irrepressible life of a country that has emerged from the great centuries past to meet a future of even greater promise. Inspired by tradition and powered by timeless energy, a thousand worlds of hearts and minds and faces, a million ways of the soul that is Japan, move as one. Read more...



Bali, Bali, Bali
January – February 1991

by Animesh Harrington

It is sunset. The far mountain peaks catch the last rays of light; a gentle wash of colour spreads out across the evening sky. Subsiding waves of calm lap the motionless shoreline and the ephemeral glow of twilight lifts the heart to prayer as the rush of daily life dissolves in an ocean of irresistible peace. Read more...



Travelling the Inner Road – A Tour through the Heart of Germany

by Animesh Harrington

A group of one hundred or so runners are gathered in a park by the Berlin Wall. In the moments that precede the race, the eye moves uneasily across the landscape in which we are about to run. It is the western side, just metres from the stark divide of barbwire and underground mines. On the park wall are painted crosses commemorating those who have unsuccessfully attempted the crossing from East to West. No one escapes these days. Within calling distance, the East German guards look down curiously from their towers at the sight of colour and animation below them. Read more...



A Journey to the South Seas
Sri Chinmoy’s visit to Samoa and Fiji, 1993-94

by Animesh Harrington

It is a world away from the bleak grey skyline of winter discontent; the rush and scuttle of grid-locked streets; the squeeze and scatter of subway transits; and the crowded isolation of tired foot-worn pavements where biting waves of ice-cold Atlantic air drive inhabitants of New York City either indoors for months, or in search of warmer climes. This is Samoa. Read more...