Sri Chinmoy’s love of cycling dated back to when he was a young child growing up in Chittagong, a village then in East Bengal, India, now Bangladesh. Cycling also featured in Sri Chinmoy’s daily life at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in Pondicherry, India, where he lived and studied from the ages of 12 to 32. In America, at the age of 45, Sri Chinmoy was inspired to take his cycling to a new level, participating in the annual 24-hour Pepsi Bicycle Marathon in New York City’s Central Park three years in a row. This golden era of cycling culminated in 1980 with the Sri Chinmoy USA Bicycle Relay.. Read articles.



From 25-metre races to the 47-mile ultramarathon, Sri Chinmoy competed in almost 500 events during his athletic career in the West. For the first time ever the results and statistics of these races have been published. And together with the many photographs that accompany them, they make up a unique visual diary of Sri Chinmoy’s love of running. Other aspects of Sri Chinmoy’s athletic career that have been catalogued are field events like shot put, javelin, discus and long jump. There is also a section of uncategorised athletic photos. Read articles.



From his Ashram days in India, Sri Chinmoy excelled at sprinting, winning the 100-metres for sixteen consecutive years. Officially, his best time in the Ashram was 11.7 seconds. In the West, he maintained his competitive interest in this blue-ribbon event and expanded his running career to include middle-distance races, marathons and ultra-marathons. Read articles.



At the age of forty-five years, when Sri Chinmoy first displayed an interest in tennis, it was not as an untutored sportsman that he approached the game but as an athlete of considerable talent in many areas, a man who had the speed to meet its challenge, who had the determination to master it, the will-power to endure and a unique spirit of sportsmanship which, in time, would signal a new approach to tennis itself. Read articles.



On June 26th 1985, at the age of 53, Sri Chinmoy raised a 40 lb. dumbbell overhead, and so began an extraordinary weightlifting career. Just 19 months later, on January 30th 1987, Sri Chinmoy’s determined efforts culminated in a lift of 7,063¾ lbs. For more than two decades Sri Chinmoy continued to inspire the weightlifting community with his relentless training regime and astonishing progress. His historic achievements will forever remain a testament to the unlimited potential that lies within us all. Read articles.