Sri Chinmoy's First One Million Soul-Birds

December 29th, 1991 – January 5th, 1994

Statistical References


1. Largest Drawing: 66 yards x 18 inches.
This was a roll of tracing paper purchased by the artist in Suva. On it he drew 1,181 birds.



2. Most Birds on One Pace: 96,588.
This work was completed on December 11th, 1993, over a period of three days (20 hours in total). The sheet size measures 32” x 26”.


3. Implements Used:
Ball-point pens in various colours, felt tip marker pens, acrylic paint, single colour crayons, rainbow crayons, battery-operated pen, gold and silver metallic pens.


4. Materials Used:
Acid-free art paper, note-paper, canvas, foam core, graph paper, tracing paper, white satin fabric, white cotton fabric, Indian hand-made marbled paper, Japanese rice paper, oak tag, postcards, envelopes, computer-generated grids, calendars, lined paper and sheet music.


5. Countries where Sri Chinmoy drew Soul-Birds:
Malta (the beginning of the project), Sicily, Tenerife, USA, Thailand, Viet Nam, Philippines, Japan, Canada, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Western Samoa and Fiji (the completion of one million).


6. Cities in the USA where Sri Chinmoy drew Soul-Birds:
New York, Washington DC, Houston, Los Angeles and Honolulu.


7. Galleries of Sri Chinmoy’s Soul-Birds:
January 10th, 1992
Riu Bonanza Hotel, Puerto La Cruz,Tenerife
May 5th-14th, 1992
52 Vanderbilt Avenue, Manhattan, NY (dedicated to Raisa Maximovna Gorbacheva)
May 31st, 1992
Aspiration-Ground Meditation Park, Queens, NY
October, 1992
Commonwealth Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland
October, 1992
Cambridge Central Library, Cambridge, England
November, 1992
The Old Fire Station, Oxford Town Centre, Oxford, England
November, 1992
The Epace Miro, UNESCO, Paris, France
January 8th-20th, 1993
Rizal Memorial Library and Museum, Cebu City, Philippines
January 18th, 1993
The University of Southern Philippines
April 13th-May 31st, 1993
John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York
June-July, 1993
Palais des Rois de Majorque, Perpignan, France
June-July, 1993
Shinjuku Citizens Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
June-July, 1993
“La Favourite”, Tokyo, Japan
June-July, 1993
Peace Osaka Hall, Osaka, Japan
August 1st-31st, 1993
66 Crosby St, Soho, New York
October 12th-15th, 1993
Miyazaki, Japan
November 2nd – December 11th, 1993
18 York St, Ottawa, Canada (Gallery dedicated to Raisa Maximovna Corbacheva)
December 17th, 1993
Outrigger East Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
December 31st, 1993
Tokatoka Hotel, Nadi, Fiji
January 7th, 1994
Travelodge, Suva, Fiji


1 – 7,000
Seven Thousand Blue-Gold Birds
7,001 – 20,000
Thirteen Thousand God’s Dream-Souls
20,001 – 30,000
Ten Thousand Flaming-Winging Song-Birds
30,001 – 43,000
Eternity's Thirteen Thousand Aspiration-Cries
43,001 – 55,000
Infinity’s Twelve Thousand Dedication-Smiles
55,001 – 62,000
Immortality's Seven Thousand Sunrise-Birds
62,001 – 70,000
Eight Thousand Dream-Boat-Birds
70,001 – 80,000
Ten Thousand Freedom-Bird-Flights
80,001 – 90,000
Ten Thousand Self-Giving Heart-Birds
90,001 – 100,000
Ten Thousand World-Transformation-Dreams
After the completion of 62,000 birds, Sri Chinmoy said that the name “Dream-Freedom Peace-Birds” would apply to all his birds from that time on.


9. Special Dates:
December 29th, 1991
Sri Chinmoy begins drawing birds in Malta
January 8th, 1992
Completes 7,000 Blue-Gold Birds
May 30th, 1992
Completes 13,000 God's Dream-Souls (total of 20,000 birds)
January 29th, 1993
Completes 10,000 Flaming-Winging Song-Birds (total of 30,000 birds)
April 23rd, 1993
Sri Chinmoy opens exhibit at JFK Airport, New York
April 25th, 1993
Completes Eternity’s 13,000 Aspiration-Cries (total of 43,000 birds)
June 23rd, 1993
Completes Infinity’s 12,000 Dedication-Smiles (total of 55,000 birds)
July 2nd, 1993
Completes Immortality’s 7,000 Sunrise-Birds (total of 62,000 birds)
July 18th, 1993
Completes 8,000 Dream-Boat-Birds (total of 70,000 birds)
August 2nd, 1993
Sri Chinmoy opens exhibition in Soho, New York
September 25th, 1993
Completes 100,000 birds
October 19th, 1993
Declares his goal to be one million birds
November 13th, 1993
Completes 200,000 birds
November 17th, 1993
Attends exhibition of 100,000 birds in Ottawa
November 26th, 1993
Completes 300,000 birds
December 3rd, 1993
Completes 400,000 birds
December 11th, 1993
Completes drawing with 96,588 birds taking his total over 500,000
December 22nd, 1993
Completes 700,000 birds
December 23rd, 1993
Drawing for Kanu
December 28th, 1993
Completes 800,000 birds
January 1st, 1994
Drawings for his father, mother and brothers and sisters
January 5th, 1994
Completes one million birds


10. Profile of a Half a Million Drawings in 25 Days
(December 12th, 1993 – January 5th, 1994):
Daily Count
Grand Total
December 12
December 13
December 14
December 15
December 16
December 17
December 18
December 19
December 20
December 21
December 22
December 23
December 24
December 25
December 26
December 27
December 28
December 29/30 (dateline)
December 31
January 1
January 2
January 3
January 4
January 5



Selected Messages




“One million birds – how wonderful! How wonderful is Sri Chinmoy’s achievement! By God’s Blessing we can do everything, and Sri Chinmoy has achieved this by God’s Blessing.” (Jan. 1994)

Mother Teresa
Nobel Peace Laureate
Founder, Missionaries of Charity



“I congratulate you on this wonderful achievement, which transports us men, who would be winged, to the birds, which we have tried to emulate.” (Jan. 1994)

Rt. Hon. Lord Yehudi Menuhin
Renowned violinist



“Your million birds will be an inspiration to everyone to continue to work for our common goal of peace – peace in our lives and communities, and peace on earth.”

Dr. Linus Pauling
Nobel Laureate in Peace and in Chemistry
Founder, Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine



“I am delighted to offer my warmest congratulations to Sri Chinmoy on the occasion of his completion of one million bird drawings. These soul-birds, symbols of freedom, joy and love, will undoubtedly inspire countless individuals and remain as a lasting tribute to peace and harmony.”

Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien
Prime Minister of Canada



“Warmest congratulations on drawing one million Birds of Peace. May such a mammoth and magnificent achievement be an inspiration to all of us working for peace worldwide.”

Rt. Hon. Jim Bolger
Prime Minister of New Zealand



“It strikes me as highly appropriate that Sri Chinmoy, who has done so much in the cause of peace, should have chosen to create these birds. Birds are expressive not only of freedom and grace but also of the harmony and beauty that accompany peace. If each of Sri Chinmoy’s creations inspires one – ten – a hundred – people to a greater commitment to peace, their impact will have been enormous!” (Feb. 1994)

H.E. Elliot L. Richardson
Co-Chairman, United Nations Association (USA), National Council
Former United States Ambassador-at-Large



“Sri Chinmoy has drawn marvellous birds, thousands of birds, thousands of hope-messengers. Thank you.” (Feb. 1994)

Madame Catherine Lalumière
Secretary-General of the European Council



“As Governor of the State of Nebraska, a Sri Chinmoy Peace State, I am very pleased to offer you sincere congratulations upon drawing your millionth bird of peace. Your dedicated service to mankind as an ambassador of peace is deeply appreciated. Efforts like yours help call attention to the ‘oneness’ which we as a state, a nation and a world must strive to achieve.”

Hon. E. Benjamin Nelson
Governor of the State of Nebraska



“Your uninhibited self-expression through art speaks louder than words in communicating your strong belief in the freedom found in international peace.”

Hon. Bob Graham
United States Senator for Florida



“I offer my warm congratulations to Sri Chinmoy on this august accomplishment. Sri Chinmoy’s soul-bird drawings are eloquent and inspiring. The symbolic birds remind us of mankind’s great potential to achieve both inner and outer peace,” (Jan. 1994)

H.E. Maurice Strong
CEO, Ontario Hydro
Former Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Environment and Development



“In the drawing of one million images by Sri Chinmoy, it is revealed to us the power of genius has burst its spiritual and cultural bounds to find further expression in the dream-freedom of these peace-birds.” (Feb. 1994)

H.E. Angier Biddle Duke
President, Council of American Ambassadors
Former U.S. Ambassador to Spain, Morocco and Denmark



“Sri Chinmoy’s project is an eloquent testimony to the enlightened belief that visual art can powerfully affect our sympathies and understanding. I have nothing but respect for his endeavours.” (Feb. 1994)

Ivan Gaskell
Curator of Paintings, Harvard University Art Museums



“I vividly remember the beautiful exhibition titled ‘My 70,000 Soul-Bird-Flights” which you displayed in Soho last summer. It released powerful and positive messages to all who viewed it. May your humanitarian deeds continue to inspire world peace and global harmony wherever you and your soul-birds travel.” (Jan. 1994)

Renee Phillips
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Manhattan Arts International Magazine



“The soul, like a dove of peace, longs for the divine. This flight of those who thirst for peace and for God is made tangible with all its high spiritual quality by these improvised and pure strokes, by these solar and beautiful images of Sri Chinmoy … Let us join with Sri Chinmoy for the great flight! (Jan. 1994)

Professor Cabriel Mandel
Professor of Art History
Renowned Italian writer and painter



“Congratulations on your 1,000,000 bird drawings. Their beauty inspires us all. To finish 1,000,000 birds in the outer world transmits a powerful message for all of us to keep our hearts open to the great and peaceful inner world.”

Sudhahota Carl Lewis
World’s Fastest Human Being
Nine-time Olympic gold medallist



“The dove is a symbol of peace, and a bird signifies life and loving. Sri Chinmoy has taken a simple thing and turned it into a monumental achievement to inspire us, which no one else in the world could do.”

Mahasamrat Bill Pearl
Five-time Mr. Universe
Best Built Man of the Century