Sri Chinmoy meditated with his students for the New Year while on a visit to Puerto Rico.


• Sri Chinmoy and his students spent the day at the resort beach of Palmas de Mar, ‘Palms of the Sea’.


Sri Chinmoy returned to New York from Puerto Rico.


Sri Chinmoy delivered the first lecture in his Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture Series, entitled ‘1976: The New Year, New Opportunities, New Challenges’, at the United Nations in New York.

    “When we use our outer vision, we see that thirteen runners are observing this bicentennial historical event. But when we use our inner vision, we see that these runners are runners of a new dawn, beckoning America’s body, vital, mind and heart to run fast, faster, fastest towards a goal which others call unknowable. These divine runners call that goal unknown, but tomorrow it will not only be known but it will be a day-to-day reality for Americans, and not for Americans alone, but for the entire world. Today’s goal seems unknowable, but tomorrow it will be known and utilised for the betterment of the new world.” — Sri Chinmoy  

Sri Chinmoy gave an early-morning blessing at his home in Jamaica, New York, to the thirteen Liberty-Torch runners before they began their historic 360-mile relay run from New York to Washington, D.C.


Sri Chinmoy gave a short talk, entitled ‘My Life Is A Life Of Gratitude’, and answered a series of questions about religion, at the United Nations in New York.

    JANUARY 10TH 1976   “O Church of Christ, to you I bow, to you I bow... Countless are the churches in America, but I soulfully and unmistakably feel that this particular church has been blessed by the Absolute Supreme most dynamically and most powerfully.” — Sri Chinmoy Read more...  

In the afternoon, Sri Chinmoy meditated at historic Christ Church in Philadelphia, where the Liberty-Torch runners passed their relay torch. Sri Chinmoy inscribed in the guest book: “The country-server of the past comes as the country-lover of the present to fulfil the Supreme in His own Way.”

    JANUARY 11TH 1976      

Sri Chinmoy offered a wreath and meditated at the gave of the late President John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery just outside Washington D.C. The Liberty-Torch runners offered a solemn salute  before continuing on to completed their course at the Washington Monument, where they received the commendations of the President's Advisor on Physical Fitness, Mr. Casey Conrad; Apollo Astronaut Bill Anders; Captain Harry Allendorfer, Director of Special Events of the National Bicentennial Commission; New York Congressmen Ottinger and Addabo, by letter; and from President Ford, in a personally signed letter.




    JANUARY 12TH 1976   “In each seeker, there is a promise to God, a promise to the inner Reality, to the Highest Reality, that he will become a perfect, unconditional instrument of God to play the inimitable role God has created for him.” — Sri Chinmoy  

An article about Sri Chinmoy appeared in the popular national People magazine in USA.


Sri Chinmoy was a guest on ‘The Pat Collins Show’ on New York television.


During an informal gathering at his home in New York, Sri Chinmoy answered numerous questions about dreams, the pyramids, Atlantis, the Bermuda triangle, the planets and the moon. These were later published in his book, ‘Conversations With The Master’.





Sri Chinmoy took up photography for the first time.


Sri Chinmoy answered a series of questions about religion at the United Nations in New York.



    “When you meditate, three things bring into your mind: purity in your entire being, humility in your entire being and gratitude in every limb, in every cell. And when you breathe in and breathe out, feel that a river is flowing in and out with constant oneness with the Source, the Supreme. If you meditate in this way, you are bound to get one hundred out of a hundred.” — Sri Chinmoy  

Sri Chinmoy meditated with his disciples in groups according to their age and month of birth. He said which groups had done the best meditation, then he offered them all some encouraging words.




Sri Chinmoy inaugurated the first ‘Family Gathering’ of all his New York area students. This was the forerunner of what would later become known internationally as Sri Chinmoy Centre ‘Joy Days’.


In the afternoon Sri Chinmoy hosted a vegetarian banquet for senior citizens from the Jamaica area, offering each a rose and a copy of a special message at Annam Brahma Restaurant.

  “Now we will see some slides; and if you have any mental disease, it will disappear! … This is the beginning. I am sure I will make progress.” — Sri Chinmoy  

During the evening meditation, there was a showing of Sri Chinmoy’s slides. Sri Chinmoy laughed the hardest of all at the distorted, over-exposed features of the Bengali Singers – his first photographic subjects.



      “Spiritual power tells us in unmistakable terms, ‘I am, I eternally am.’ Occult power tells us unmistakably, ‘I can, I immediately can.’ Will power unmistakably tells us, ‘I enjoy, I divinely enjoy, I supremely enjoy. I enjoy, not in a human way, but in a divine way, in a supreme way.’ ” — Sri Chinmoy  

Sri Chinmoy delivered the first of 7 lectures, entitled ‘Spiritual Power, Occult Power And Will Power’, at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, USA.



    JANUARY 24TH 1976   Steve Powers: “Do you believe that God provides?”

Sri Chinmoy: “God does provide. He is the Creator and He is the creation. How can you separate the Creator from the creation? When you write a poem or when you compose a song, you feel your identification and oneness with the creation itself. God has created us, so how can He separate us from His own reality?”


An interview with Sri Chinmoy on ‘The Steve Powers Show’ was aired on WMCA-AM Radio in New York. Listen to the interview...


Sri Chinmoy departed New York for Puerto Rico.

    JANUARY 25TH 1976   JANUARY 25TH 1976      

Sri Chinmoy met with Muhammad Ali in Puerto Rico where they had a long spiritual discussion. Sri Chinmoy also offered the world boxing champion a song he had composed called ‘Greater than the Greatest’. After the meeting, Sri Chinmoy attended one of Muhammad Ali’s training sessions.




Sri Chinmoy was named an Official Guest of Honour of the city of Caguas in Puerto Rico.


Sri Chinmoy delivered a lecture, entitled ‘Heaven-Vision And Earth-Reality’, at George Washington University in Washington, DC, USA.


    JANUARY 31ST 1976   “I have offered to each of you a flower. A flower signifies purity. Let us feel that our hearts have become as pure as the flower. Concentration, meditation and contemplation are of utmost importance in the spiritual life. — Sri Chinmoy  

Sri Chinmoy offered his first seven-hour meditation for the public, at All Angels’ Church in New York. The meditation was held in three sessions: the first of three hours, followed by two sessions of two hours each. During the first session, Sri Chinmoy offered blessing-flowers individually to all present. Then he gave instructions on concentration, meditation and contemplation.