— Life —

1. My life is a lost opportunity if I do not aspire.
My life is a gained prosperity if I aspire.
My life is a lost soul if I do not aspire.  
My life is a gained goal if I aspire. 
My life is animal destruction within without if I do not aspire.
My life is God-perfection within without if I aspire.
My life is not needed either by earth or by heaven if I do not aspire.



My life is needed both by earth and heaven and even by God Himself when I aspire.




2. There was a time when I desired. But now I aspire. What did I desire? I desire[d] to capture humanity [and] to rule mankind. But now I aspire what do I do? I aspire to become God’s perfect instrument. I aspire to love and serve humanity and become inseparably one 


with humanity’s happiness and sorrow.


3. For me life is a forward marching, upward climbing and inward diving. When I look forward, I hear God’s Sound-power. When I climb up, I see God’s Silence-power. When I dive within I feel God’s Love-power.

God’s sound-power awakens me. 
God’s silence-power liberates me.
God’s love-power immortalises me.


4. Life needs guidance. Whose guidance. The guidance of the inner Pilot God. Only in his guidance I can be safe amid earth-storms


and certain in world-insecurity. The achievement of this guidance depends on my approach. If my approach is simple, sincere and direct, then I shall receive God’s guidance.

5. The goal of life does not mean only to know the truths about God. The goal of life is to know God most intimately, most divinely and most unconditionally. To know God intimately, di[vinely] and unconditionally we shall have to discipline our life. In order to discipline our life we shall have to pray and meditate. In order to pray and meditate we shall have to offer our


our gratitude-heart to God’s Compassion.

6. Life is divine when every thought is prayer, when each [action?] is a ( ) meditation. With my prayer I climb up God the ( )-tree. With my meditation I climb down to distribute ( ) at the foot of the tree.



The above draft formed the basis of Sri Chinmoy’s lecture, entitled ‘The Aspiring Life’, which he delivered at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, on 7 July 1974. The lecture was subsequently published in My Rose Petals, Part 4, by Agni Press in 1974.