1. The secret of joy is not in desire. It is in aspiration. The s. of joy is not in possession but in renunciation. The joy is in self-discipline. From self-di. we get self-mastery. [Self-mastery] is God-discovery ( )

2. The real joy is in surrendering one’s will to God’s Will with our individuality no matter whatever gets [eliminated?].

3. Through dedicated service

4. Love — serve
Conquest — freedom
Spiritual ( ) Simple life — direct life — sunlit life
simple path
arise from defeat
success, lonely


joy from sorrow
God’s promise-joy
our promise to ( ) pleasure



The above draft formed the basis of Sri Chinmoy’s lecture, entitled ‘The Secret of Joy’, which he delivered at Uppsala University, in Sweden, on 10 July 1974. The lecture was subsequently published in My Rose Petals, Part 4, by Agni Press in 1974.