The sole function of Art is to discover beauty within and without.
And Art is in itself a self-expression of the different levels of Consciousness.
  –  Sri Chinmoy




Original Paintings and Drawings

Sri Chinmoy created hundreds of thousands of paintings and drawings during his lifetime. Many of his original artworks are in private collections or curated by Sri Chinmoy Centres around the world. This new section is a humble attempt to give some of these beautiful artworks a wider audience. Submissions for inclusion are most welcome. View more



The Transformative Art of Sri Chinmoy

by Dr. Shrinivas Tilak

Of all the Indian mystics and spiritual teachers who have travelled our world guiding those in quest of self-realization, Sri Chinmoy is unique because of his skilful use of the medium of poetry and visual art to communicate his teachings to the target audience in small groups spread across the five continents. Read more



A Magnificent Obsession

by Dr. Vidagdha Bennett

To devote oneself to a single thing in life, one noble undertaking, with every fibre of one’s being, to exhibit an intensity of purpose that excludes all other themes and subjects – how many human beings can maintain that commitment? Perhaps the very definition of a genius is someone who is so obsessed by a single pursuit that it consumes him. Then it becomes a magnificent obsession and he is compelled to follow it to its glorious conclusion. Read more



Experiences Of The Ottawa Gallery

by Chidananda Burke

It had started out as an ordinary, multi-use building in one of Ottawa's better shopping districts. … Upstairs was a Mexican restaurant, where businessmen gathered for lunch over margueritas and enchiladas. … Then one day the disciples came in with their brooms and hammers, with their buckets of plaster and paint. Added wiring was put in, bringing light to the darkened hallways. The half-dead building was infused with fresh energy and new aspiration. Read more



The Strange Birds of Ottawa

by Chidananda Burke

It’s like a giant aviary. Hundreds of thousands of birds have found a temporary home here – hovering by the windowsills, clinging to the walls, nesting in the archways and vestibules. Everywhere there’s movement – birds sweeping through the air in huge parabolas … tumbling from the ceiling like giant waterfalls … exploding through the halls like shards of light. What was once an empty four-story heritage building in downtown Ottawa has been converted into one of the most astonishing art galleries ever built. Read more