To be alone with God.

To be with God I shall have to withdraw myself from my little i. To be alone with God I shall have to please God in His own way.


To speak to God I shall have to purify my heart. To speak to God only I shall have to lead a sleepless life.


To love God I shall have to offer to God my promise-smile. To love God alone I shall have to offer God my helplessness-cry.



2. I say I love God. If it is true that I love God then I must work for Him. If I want to work for God then every day I have to be renewed. This act of my renewing is my safeguard [against] vital depression, mental suspicion and psychic disintegration.



3. I say I love humanity. If I really love hu. then even if all human beings with no exception misunderstand, mistreat [me] I shall love them dearly, for I know a crucified earth-life is a glorified Heaven-pride.


4. I am judged by my thoughts.
   I am judged by my prayers.
   [I am judged] by my meditation.
   I am judged by my dedication.
   I am judged by my surrender.


Each pure thought of mine is my solid strength. Each sincere prayer of mine is my divine confidence. Each time I meditate soulfully I come nearer to God. Each time I surrender to God’s will unconditionally, God embraces [me] unreservedly.


5. There was a time when I was afraid of light. I thought its clear shining will expose me. I shall not be able to hide my evil deeds.



Now I know what light is, what its nature is. Therefore I welcome light. Its clear shining illumines my life, directs my heart to God-Truth and my soul to God-perfection.


6. Planning — listener
    Self — importance
    Pride — not circumstances
    Your — prayer not position
     Prayer — is preparation 
     to help ( ) to distribute ( ) to others.




The above draft formed the basis of Sri Chinmoy’s lecture, entitled ‘Spirituality’, which he delivered at ABF Huset in Stockholm, Sweden, on 9 July 1974. The lecture was subsequently published in My Rose Petals, Part 4, by Agni Press in 1974.