The Goal Is Won

Anahata Nada, Vol. 1, No. 6 – May 27, 1974.

Literary Triumph: 360 Poems In A Day

Jamaica, N.Y. – In an unprecedented literary achievement, Sri Chinmoy has written 360 poems during a single 24-hour period.

Using his yogic powers of concentration developed during 20 years of meditation in an Indian ashram, Sri Chinmoy accomplished the feat “just for the joy of it.” He said he wanted to show the remarkable limits of human capacity when guided by inner willpower and the soul’s Light.

Beginning at the stroke of midnight April 28th, Sri Chinmoy wrote continuously around the clock at the gruelling pace of one poem every four minutes.

This easily topped his previous record of February 2nd. when he wrote 208 poems in a little over 22 hours.

That time a small group joined Sri Chinmoy midway during his task to type up his manuscripts and prepare them for printing.

But this time disciples worked alongside him right from the beginning, and the entire book was typed, proofread, printed, collated and bound by the next day.

The following evening, during a large outdoor celebration honouring the book, Sri Chinmoy explained why he titled the book The Goal Is Won. “About 20 years ago the sprinter in your Guru won the race,” he said, referring to the time he became decathlon champion in his Indian ashram. “And yesterday the poet in your Guru again won the race.”

He went on to say how he often uses the symbolism of the Dream-boat and the Golden Shore. “Our first series of poems was entitled The Golden Boat. But this book now has touched the shore.”

A Spiritual Master's Gratitude

Offering his gratitude to the disciples for their soul's inspiration, Sri Chinmoy said his achievement was also theirs. “It was your soul’s inner vision that ran within me and through me for the ultimate Reality’s Oneness. And that is why I won the race … yesterday.”

“Divinity is great because divinity gives,” he continued. “Humanity is good because humanity receives. Who gave the poet in me the capacity? The Supreme in you. Who gave you the receptivity? The Supreme in me.”

He then declared that the proper spelling of the word “Supreme” is G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E.

The literary achievement, he said, was “the illumining and fulfilling accomplishment of Heaven on earth and earth for heaven … Heaven offered its vision; earth offered its aspiration.” And this combination," he declared, “enabled us to become the Supreme Reality for the Supreme Reality – for its constant, perfect, ever-transforming, ever-illumining, and ever-widening manifestation.”

Note: Anahata Nada was the longest running newsletter of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. It was first published on January 1, 1974, and chronicled Sri Chinmoy’s life and activities for over three decades until 2007.